Switch services to SPL

How to switch services to SPL

At SPL we have made our switching service simple, reliable and we will guide you every step of the way.

Stage 1:

Talk to SPL about switching to our services and we will agree a switch date with you. SPL will send you our terms of engagement which you will need to agree. We will have to also carry our mandatory Anti Money Laundering checks.

Stage 2:

Contact your old provider and give SPL permission to talk to them. We will provide you a template to send.

Stage 3:

We will contact your provider to get your accounts and tax details. We are also required to confirm there is no legitimate reason why we cannot accept the appointment.


We will complete the switchover process with your old provider.

Stage 5:

We will complete HMRC form 68K which will confirm we are agents now acting on your behalf.

Stage 6:

If your business address is linked to your old provider, we can arrange for that to be changed to our virtual address which involves a year subscription.

Stage 7:

Congratulations you are now part of the SPL Family.