Payroll & CIS

PAYROLL Services

Why choose SPL to manage your Payroll?

SPL has extensive experience across a variety of industries in dealing with a company’s payroll requirements.

Due to payroll rules constantly changing, businesses are choosing to outsource their payroll duties to experienced teams like SPL. The benefit is this enables companies to prevent unnecessary issues arising, such as late submission of RTI (Real Time Information returns).

The main benefit for smaller businesses is this can help them save time and money spent training staff members to handle in-house payroll issues. Contact SPL to see how we can benefit you.

Summary of our services

  • Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Payroll
  • RTI Filing
  • Liaising with HMRC
  • Wage Slips emailed direct to employees
  • Auto Enrolment
  • P60’s
  • Pension Enrolment/Processing
  • Salary, Per Hour, Varied Pay
  • Holiday Leave Management Systems

CIS Services

How SPL can help you with Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Returns

CIS Registration Online

Under the Rules of The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), contractors deduct money from sub- contractors` payment and pass it to HMRC. In other words, CIS registered contractors are to make a pre-payment on behalf of sub-contractors to be reclaimed at the end of a tax year. Contractors have to register for CIS with HMRC, whereas it is equally crucial for sub-contractors to register the same as to claim the deduction back. The benefit of registered CIS with HMRC is to become eligible for a lower CIS deduction of 20% instead of 30% applicable for non-registered sub-contractors. SPL will help you out with your online CIS registration. Contact us

Running CIS Payroll

If you are registered with The construction industry scheme (CIS) then you will need to file a monthly return on a monthly basis. CIS monthly return is contractors` responsibility that notifies HMRC with monthly returns. As per deduction from sub-contractors, you need to file CIS in a timely manner, which often causes conflicts between HMRC and contractors. At SPL, we can take care of regular filings and take the admin burden off your shoulders by ensuring your returns are filed on time and your contractors are sent their certificates.

CIS advice based on your trading type

Whether you are a sole trader or limited company, SPL is here to give you the best up to date CIS advice, tailored to your business type. As there are several ways of claiming your CIS deduction back, we at SPL offer you a bespoke CIS planning service. Any questions regarding your CIS return? Why not drop us a call back request and meet with our friendly team to find out how to claim cis tax back.

Summary of our services

  • CIS Registration
  • Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly CIS Processing
  • RTI Filing
  • Liaising with HMRC
  • CIS Certificates emailed directly to your contractor
  • Online verification of Sub-Contractors/Register CIS Online.